Who is Project Falcon?

Project Falcon:

No one is sure exactly when Project Falcon was implemented. Some say during the plague of Justinian, as municipal doctors. Others say the early 80's, as an untraceable tactical unit during the Cold War...There's also three dudes who say it was 2014, as a band that defies all genres, except punk and metal.

Subject X:

Subject X was born in a government facility, taught only to speak with a microphone. Trained as marksman, of words, he's the obvious mouthpiece of the crew. It might also have something to do with the fact he always has a microphone.

Subject Y:

Born in another government facility, this subject is borderline genius. Walking while chewing gum, ability to tie shoes on both feet, and breathing on command are just small sample of his skill set.

Subject Z:

Born in a hospital, little is known about this subject. Except name, birthday, parents, blood type, social security number, address, hair and eye color, favorite color, name, and even birthday.

Band Members

Subject X: Bass/Vocals

Subject Y: Guitar/Vocals

Subject Z: Drums